Blairstown - 10/26/2012

On October 26, 2012, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted its final investigation at a residence in Blairstown, IA. The investigation included James, Kevin, Jessica, and the homeowner. We were following up on the experiences the homeowner has experienced since the home was blessed by a Catholic Priest earlier in the year.
This investigation, like the ones before it, proved to be active. Using our equipment, we were able to pick up some EVP's as well as some MEL-Meter responses. The MEL-Meter measures a variety of things inluding electromagnetic fields, temperature, and so on.
Here is a transcript and detail of the evp's we managed to capture:
1) Footsteps: Jessica and the homeowner are in the basement when they hear what appears to be footsteps. They wonder if the noises
                    could be from the other investigators, but no one was above them in that spot of the home!
2) Im here, yes!: In this clip, we are in the hallway and ask 
                        Q) "Tom, Jake, or Heather, are you here with me right now?"  A) "I'm here, yes"
3) MEL-Meter Responses: Jessica and the homeowner are conducting an evp session in the living room and asking questions in hopes
                                       that something will set off the alarms on the MEL-Meter. The homeowner asks: "Are you attracted to this place
                                       or to me?" and we get responses!
4) No!: In this clip, James and the homeowner are in the basement conducting a Frank's Box session. The question is asked "Is Jake and 
          Heather together?" and we get an EVP of No!
5) Right Now: In this clip, James and the homeowner are wrapping up a basement session and talking when we captured an evp of "Right Now"
6) Whistle: In this clip, we state that before we head upstairs from the basement, that whatever is there whistle for us. We captured a whistling
                 noise right after asking! 
We would again like to thank the homeowners for their hospitality during our investigations and for allowing us the opportunity to investigate their home, ansd to help them find a sense of peace. While the activity remains since the blessing, the activity seems to have lessened considerably from the first time we investigated. It is our thought and hope that the activity will remain minimal and that homeowners can continue living their everyday lives. 
Audio from a private residence in Blairstown on 10/26/2012. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Mel-Meter Response
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
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