Blairstown - 6/16/2012


Eastern Iowa Paranormal returned to a residence in Blairstown, IA to follow up on the claims of activity. This investigation included investigators James, Kevin, Jessica, and Lyndsey. We were also joined by both of the homeowners. In anticipation of blessing the home following this investigation, we wanted to see if we could capture any more evidence regarding the entities of Tom, Jake, or Heather, names we have captured on previous investigations.

This night proved to be as active as the previous nights. We had numerous personal experiences, seeing shadow movement, unidentified noises, and so on. We were able to capture a number of these experiences.

We setup a soccer ball on the computer desk in the home office of the home. The homeowners had been experiencing odd things with the computer so we anticipated activity in that room. We kept the room off limits for the night, no one was allowed in there, regardless if we heard anything coming from the office. During our last evp session, we were doing a ghost box session. When we asked “Where is Jake?” we got a response of “Jake is at the desk” followed by a noise from the computer room.

Following the session, we went into the office and noticed the soccer ball was moved! Upon reviewing the video, we caught the ball rolling on its own!! We attempted to debunk the video, as we always do, and could not.

As for audio, we caught a few evps and ghost box clips. Below is a transcript of these audio clips:


1. We've got 2 rocking chairs, can you move those?("Jake")

2. Your name is Jake, is that true? (unknown noise)

3. We got one clip of an unknown mumbling that was heard by the investigators

4. We got an unknown whistling sound while setting up for an EVP session

Ghost Box Clips:

1. While no question is being asked, “Abby…gone…from here”

2. Q) “Can you tell me again” ( Weird laugh)

3. While no question is being asked, “Did you catch her?...Yes”

4. Q) “I want to hear about Tom” (“Don’t got it..Tom”)

5. Q) “I hear a train coming”  ( “ F That” )

6. Q) “I want the story” ( “Paul…yeah…can you hear me”)

7. Q) “What is that, off in the distance?” ( Little boys voice “Train”)

8. Q) “Where is Jake?” ( “Jake…is … at the desk”)

Following this investigation, we had a catholic priest come to the home and bless the house. We pray it brings peace to the home and to the family. We would like to thank the homeowners for allowing us to investigate their home, and to help them.

Audio from a private residence in Blairstown on 6/16/2012. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Ghost Box
Clip 5
Ghost Box
Clip 6
Ghost Box
Clip 7
Ghost Box
Clip 8
Ghost Box
Clip 9
Ghost Box
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