Blairstown Followup: 10/22/2011 & 12/10/2011

On Saturday, October 22, 2011, as well as on Saturday, December 10, 2011, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted our second and third scientific paranormal investigations at a residence in Blairstown, IA. The follow up investigations were conducted based upon the results from our initial investigation on May 13, 2011, and due to the continuous activity within the home. These investigations were conducted by James Bramow, Jeff Bramow, Kevin Grendler, Jessica Bramow, and Lyndsey Essary. We were also joined by the homeowner Jason on each follow up.

Using our digital audio recorders, IR stationary cameras, handheld video cameras, digital electromagnetic field tester, KII meter, Mel-Meters, digital temperature thermometer, Franks Box, we collected nearly 13 hours of video and audio data from both investigations. Both investigations had some interesting evidence, as well as multiple personal experiences. This report will break down the results from each investigation.

Personal experiences were the theme for investigation number 2. During one EVP session in the basement of the home, Kevin felt the zipper on his jeans get tugged. During that same EVP session, both James and Kevin could hear what sounded like footsteps in the master bedroom, which is directly above where they were at. When the guys radioed the other team members, no one was in the bedroom! During a EVP session in the living room, James saw shadow movement along the north wall going towards the adjacent bedroom. All throughout the night, all of the investigators heard knocks and bangs in and around the dining room/kitchen area. Finally, as James headed to the master bedroom for an EVP session, he caught the smell of flowers. After inspecting the room, there were no candles or other scented objects in the room. Unfortunately, we did not capture any evidence of these experiences, so they will remain as that, experiences.

As far as evidence from investigation number to goes, we did capture 2 audio clips, one EVP clip, and one Frank’s Box clip. Below is a transcript of both clips:

   Q)  “We are here to ask you some questions”  A) “No”

   Q) “Ma’am, what is your name?”  A) “Heather Arp” (Frank’s Box Clip)

While these are two exciting clips, it unfortunately is all we capture as evidence that night. We did not capture any video evidence, and we did not capture any picture or other documentable evidence.

Investigation number three was called for after activity within the home had increased. The homeowner, Jason, had been having early morning experiences, and after having an object tossed at his back, it was time to come back and try to further document the activity within the house. This time however, things were more cooperative with us.

As far as personal experiences go, again, we each experienced the same experiences as we had previously, hearing footsteps, hearing knocks, catching a smell of flowers, and so on. We conducted a standard investigation yet again, but this time we did some provoking in anticipation of stirring up whatever may be there.

An interesting occurrence happened between our 1st and 2nd EVP sessions. While taking a mini break, Kevin walked through the house using a MEL-Meter to get readings throughout the home. This device measures room temperature, and EMF levels. It also has an alarm on it, so if anything gets too close to it, it will set it off. While taking readings in the old bedroom adjacent to the living room, the alarm went off for no apparent reason. This event went on for approximately 15 minutes, the alarm going on and off. We brought our 2nd MEL-Meter in the room during this time to determine if one of the meters wasn’t operating properly. Both meters would go off and on by themselves, at the same time, in different parts of the room. Ultimately, we could not determine what caused the alarms on both MEL-Meters to go off as they did. 

As far as EVP’s goes, we captured five solid clips. Transcribed below are the 5 EVP audio clips:

Q) “Can you knock for me?”  A) Loud knock in direct response

Q) “Can you tell us your name?”  A) Male voice groaning

Q)  During a quiet moment in the old bedroom A) “ohhhh” (female voice)

Q) “This box I have in my hand is a Frank’s Box”  A) “Yeah”

Q) “Why are you here?”  A) Weird or Unusual noises heard by an investigator

As if these 5 clips were not enough evidence to back the claims of activity at this location, we captured an amazing 17 Frank’s Box clips! Below is a transcript of each audio clip:

Q) No question A) “Mom”

Q) “Are there any spirits in here with us?” A) “Yes”

Q) “Do you like me?” A) “Yes” …Q)”Do you like Jason?” A)”No”

Q) “So why are you still here?” A) “Jason”

Q) “Last time…I got the name of Heather Arp A)”Hello”

Q) “I want the name of the male spirit in this house” A) “There…is…no one”

Q) “How many spirits are in the house?” A) “Three”

Q) “So, there are 5 spirits here total?” A) “5 Living”

Q) “Thomas, can you say ‘I’m here’?” A) “I’m here”

Q) “Did you throw that cleaner eraser at Jason?” A) “Yes”

Q) “Who is the hobo? Thomas?” A)”I am” A)” Tom, yes”

Q) “Why is Abby scared of the pink bedroom?” A) “Um, Tom”

Q) “Tom, are you still here? Thomas?” A) “What?”

Q) “How did Tom die?” A) “With his gun, right, sweet times”

Q) “Did he die here?” A) “Maybe”

Q) “Did you die in this room?” A) “Yep”

Q) “Give me a curse word!” A)”Bitch”

Investigation number three, while already active enough, saved the best for last. We did not capture any video evidence from the night, until we were wrapping up for the night. We let our camera continue to record as we were tearing down and putting away our gear. As we are putting our equipment away, in the scene, Jessica is taking some empty bottles to the sink, dumps out whatever was left of the drinks, puts the twist cap back onto the bottle and walks away to continue cleaning up and Lyndsey is pulling up taped down cords. As she’s doing this, something twist the cap and flips it off the bottle! Both Jessica and Lyndsey stand there in shock, trying to determine what caused this. We could not recreate this after many tries.

Investigations 1, 2, and 3 have proven to be exciting, to say the least. It is our opinion that this home indeed has paranormal activity in the home, and that the activity appears to be an intelligent haunting. We will be doing one last investigation at the residence at the beginning of 2012 to follow up on the prior investigations. We would like to thank the homeowners for allowing us the opportunity to investigate their residence.

Audio from a private residence in Blairstown on 10/22/2011 and 12/10/2011. Enjoy!
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Clip 3
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