Dubuque's Grand Opera House: 8/6/2010

We did not capture any video evidence with our stationary IR cams or with our handheld video cameras. We also did not get any unusual readings regarding air temperature or EMF. We also did not have any luck communicating with the KII meter.

Using the Frank's Box, or ghost box, we captured a few responses to our questions. Below is a transcript of what was caught with this device:

Auditorium: Investigators James & Dave

Q.) We'd like to talk to you, for just a moment.
A.) "Right now?"

Q.) Did you perform on stage?
A.) "Did it constantly."

Q.) Is there life on the other side?
A.) "Something..."

Projector Room: Investigators James & Jeff

Q.) What is your name?
A.) Either "Ed" or "Ted"

Q.) How many spirits are with us?
A.) "Many."

Q.) How many are here?
A.) "Ten."

Q.) What is your favorite color?
A.) "Gold."

Using our digital voice recorders, we also captured two EVP's. Here are the two EVP's:

EVP: Projector Room

Q.) How does an ice cold lemonade sound right now?
A.) Long pause followed by a woman laughing. Then, when we were leaving the projector room and moving towards the conference room, you can hear a man "groaning" about us coming into that room.

Also, as far a personal experiences, our investigators Brad, Jeff, and Dave were sitting in the auditorium and they all saw shadow movement up around the stage area. Brad, being our biggest skeptic on the team, tried using flashlights and camera flashes to re-create it, and could not do so.

What we captured was good evidence, but it is not enough for us to say The Grand Opera House is haunted. Is there some type of activity going on? Possibly, but more evidence would be needed.

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