Mossy Glen near Strawberry Point - 2010

What we did was, we went out to the location and set up our equipment. We used our handheld video cameras, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, laser splitter, Frank’s Box, KII, digital thermometer, and digital EMF detector to see what kind of results we could get.

We started out the night dividing into two teams, Brad and Dave went to one area, and James, Jeff, and Kevin went to another area. During this first session, we could hear something walking around in the distance, the sticks would break under the “footsteps.” Unfortunately we did not capture any video footage to validate this, but it was picked up on our digital recorders. Also, during the first session, Brad and Dave heard what sounded like three beats of a snare drum. This was also captured on our digital recorders. During all of this, James radioed Brad and Dave. This is what was recorded:

Q.) “Are you guys still alive?” A.) “No.”

The question is what James radioed through to the guys, sarcastically, but the response was what we would call a class A EVP.

Later in the night, we again split up into two teams to conduct individual sessions, but ended up together for turned out to be an hour long session using the Frank’s Box. Here is a transcript of what transpired during the session. WARNING: SOME OF THE CONTENT WE GOT IS INAPPROPRIATE. PLEASE VIEW AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION:

Q) “Are there any male spirits with us?” A) “No” (male voice)
Q) “Tell us your name!” A) “Marie” (female voice)
Q) “Are there 9 spirits out here with us?” A) “Yeah” (male)
Q) “What is my name?” A) “Jeff” (Not sure of voice origin)
Q) “Do you know my name?” A) “Jeff” (female)
Q) “What year did you die?” A) “19…18” (female)
Q) “Will you sit next to Kevin?” A) “I did!” (Male)
Q) “Do you like to play cards?” A) “Yes” (male)
Q) “Were you a gambler?” A) “At first” (male)
…while we were randomly talking…”Kev” (male)
Q) “Do you have a deck of cards on you?” A) “Yes I do” (male)
Q) “The guys next to me, do you remember their names?” A) “…Dave…Brad…” (male)
Q) “What is your favorite thing to eat?” A) “Potato” (male)
Q) “Do you remember his name?” (Pointing at Dave) A) “Dave” (female)
Q) “Do you think he’s hot?” A) “Yeah” (female)
Q) “Do you want to take him out in the woods?” A) “…(something?)…fucking him” (female)
Q) “What do you hunt for?” A) “Trout” (male)
Q) “How many of us are here?” A) “…Brad…Five (male)…Five (female)…”
Q) “Can you touch my hand?” A) “No” (male)
Q) “Why not?” A) “Cause” (male)
Q) “I didn’t understand, can you tell us again?” A) “GOD” (angry male voice)
…while we were randomly talking… “wouldn’t…be…dead…” (unsure of voice)
Q) “On the count of three, say the word shit, 1,2,3” A) “…oh shit (male)…blood…oh fuck…”
Q) “I didn’t catch that, say it again please?” A) “God damn…just…(?)…” (male)

The weather interfered with the rest of our investigation and cut it short. Though short, it proved to be very interesting.

Eastern Iowa Paranormal’s official opinion on Mossy Glen is, can we say it’s haunted? Not yet, but we do feel that there is in fact paranormal activity going on out there, but more research is needed on this location. Eastern Iowa Paranormal will be re-investigating this area, though it will not be until next spring/summer.

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