Cemetary in Linn County: 9/17/2010

On Friday, September 17, 2010, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at a cemetery in Linn County (due to privacy, we cannot give out the exact location). James, Brad, Jeff, David, and Kevin were the investigators for this case. The claims of activity in the cemetery include seeing unexplained lights (kind of like an old lantern) and a apparition of a man in the cemetery. We used our digital cameras, digital voice recorders, KII meter, Frank’s Box, digital thermometer, and other misc. equipment to perform this investigation.

Our group did in fact have some weird personal experiences. We did see some lights move through the cemetery that we couldn’t explain. Some lights we saw came from the highway bypassing the town, as well as the local road that passes in front of the cemetery. Also, nearby towers with red lights could be seen reflecting off of headstones if seen at the right angle.

Using our equipment, we did not catch anything in pictures or video. We did not get any unusual temperature readings, and we caught one possible response using the Frank’s Box:

Q) “Can you turn on the flashlight to let us know you’re here?” A) “Can’t find it”

During this session, we had a flashlight set up and we were asking if anything present could turn it on. The flashlight never turned on.

We caught a few EVP’s, mostly Class C, there was something there but cannot make out what it says. A couple of them are Class B, you can make out what it is saying but it’s still debatable. Here they are:

Q)  Do you know we have a black president now?
A) “Death…”

Q)  (Investigators talking)
A) “Mister”

Q)  (Recorder left running with no one around)
A) “Hmm…who are you”

Q)  (Investigators looking over war soldiers headstones)
A) “…you live and die”


Is the cemetery haunted? At this time, we have to say no. While we caught a couple of EVP’s, we need more evidence before we could say it is haunted or that there is even paranormal activity at the cemetery.

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