Coralville, IA - 3/25/2011

On Friday, March 25, 2011, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation in Coralville, IA. Eastern Iowa Paranormal had 5 investigators present at this investigation. They were James Bramow, Jeff Bramow, Kevin Grendler, Jessica Bryant, and Tim Woodward. The claims of activity at the location included hearing mumbled voices, hearing footsteps on the hardwood floors, and experiences during the night including “disturbing” dreams and even being grabbed.

Eastern Iowa Paranormal brought in our IR Cameras, handheld camera, digital voice recorders, real-time digital recorders, MEL-meter (which measure a number of things including EMF and Temperature), IR digital thermometer, KII, digital electromagnetic field (EMF) tester, a Frank’s Box, and other equipment.

Using the EMF testers, we did not record any unusually high EMF readings in the house. We established a base reading for the temperature of the house and it did not change over the course of the night except for one interesting experience in the basement. While in the “Washer and Dryer” room in the basement, James and Kevin asked any spirits in the basement to go over to the red laser light from the IR Thermometer and make the temperature drop to 60 degrees. The reading started at 69.5 degrees and over the course of a few minutes, the temperature dropped to exactly 60 degrees! Unfortunately, we were in a room not covered by a camera and we only captured the audio of the experience.

On camera, we captured a very interesting piece of footage. James and Kevin were conducting an EVP session in the basement, and Jeff and Tim were conducting an EVP session on the main level in the living room. In the basement James and Kevin were asking any spirits in the home to play a prank on our friends upstairs in the living room. Soon thereafter, a folding chair fell over next to the television! Our investigators tried to recreate the chair falling and had to hit it with their foot while stomping on the floor to get it to fall.

 We captured a few EVP’s from the house as well. We conducted a session in the living room wit

h 4 of our 5 investigators present. The 5th was watching monitors in the garage. We captured an EVP of what sounds like door shutting yet no one was opening or closing a door. During the same session, we also captured an EVP of what sounds like very faint footsteps across the floor. Finally, our last two clips were both caught at different times throughout the night in the master bedroom. They are:

      EIP: As we are ending a session. Response: “Goodnight or Goodbye”

      EIP: Investigator stretching, saying he’s get comfortable. Response: “Yes sir"

 Using our Frank’s Box throughout the night at different locations in the house, we captured a couple of interesting responses. They are as follows:

      Q) “Are you a mean spirit?” A) “It’s the young one…yeah”

      Q) “Did you fling Kaylyn’s arm into the window?” A “Yes James” (female response)

      Q) “Is something holding you here? Are you with us” A “Yes” (female response)

      Q) “Did you live in the house?” A) “No”

      Q) “Are you attached to Kaylyn? A) “No…not yet”

      Q) “Where is Grace?” A) “In bed”

      Q) “Where is Grace? A) “Deceased”

            Investigator start talking about what they thought they heard when a female voice giggles and says “Yes”

We used a new device on this investigation called a “Real Time” Digital Voice Recorder. This allows us to listen to our sessions as we are conducting them live. We captured a few “mumbled responses” using this tool. We also captured a few responses with it. A couple of them seem as though the spirits were mocking us. They are as follows:

      Q) “Who is the spirit who walks on the hardwood floors? A) “Peter”

      Q) “Can you do it for me? A) “Can you do it”

      Q) “Who is the spirit who gets physical? A) “Who did”

      Q) “Who knocked over the chair earlier?” A) “Who knocked it over”

Overall, this was a very interesting case. We captured a few interesting pieces of evidence. It is our opinion that there is some paranormal activity in the house. However, what activity there is seems to be fairly weak and does not seem to pose a threat. It appears whatever may be there is simply trying to get the residents attention.

We would like to that the residents of the home for allowing us the opportunity to investigate their home. It was a very pleasant experience. 


Audio from Private Residence in Coralville, IA on 3/25/11. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
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Clip 5
Ghost Box
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Ghost Box
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Ghost Box
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Ghost Box
Named Grace
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