Davenport, IA - 05/20/2011

On May 20, 2011, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at a home in the Davenport, IA area. This case was investigated by James Bramow, Jeff Bramow, Kevin Grendler, Jessica Bramow, and Brittany Goodell, and the homeowners were present as well.

On this investigation, we used numerous pieces of equipment including our IR stationary cameras, digital handheld video cameras, digital EMF detectors, KII Meters, digital thermometer, ghost box, MEL-Meters, and so on.

The claims of activity included hearing noises such as footsteps and knocks, as well as hearing voices. A female living in the home has experienced blackout moments, where she will begin having conversations with other people in the home, and minutes later, not have any recollection of the events or conversations.

Upon interviewing the homeowners further in person, we were informed of high levels of stress in the house coming from numerous sources including schooling and so on. There has been high levels of irritability from the individuals in the household. We also were told of irregular sleep patterns in the household. These symptoms alone have been known to cause individuals to think they are experiencing paranormal activity when they really are not.

Personal experiences from the investigation include Jeff being touched by something in the basement and then minutes later seeing what appeared to be a shadow of a small dog. Multiple investigators also experienced shadow movement in the basement at different times throughout the investigation. Jessica felt as though she was touched by something in the daughter’s bedroom at one point in the night.

As far as physical evidence we captured during that investigation. We did not record any video evidence nor did we capture any picture evidence. We did not record any unusual temperature changes, and we did not get any KII or MEL-Meter responses. We did record extremely high EMF readings in both of the children’s bedrooms, both coming from aquariums near the beds in each room. High levels of EMF, or electromagnetic fields, can cause irritability, mood swings, paranoia, and sickness.

We did capture some audio evidence. We collected seven EVP clips. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena. Below is a transcript of the EVP’s we captured that night:

Q) “How old are you?”  A) “Nine” (male voice)

Q) While no questions were being asked (basement) A) Girl(s) mumbling

Q) Jessica and Brittany are talking A) Inaudible voice(s)

Q) “Are you the one who makes____ blackout?” A) Whistling before Jeff asks the question

Q) “…make a loud noise right now!” A) Loud thump in response

Q) “Is there someone else here with you or are you by yourself?” A)”There’s no control”

Q) “Turn that flashlight on for me please? A) “It was here”… Q) “Do you like us being in your home?” A) “No…get out”

We also captured eight Ghost Box responses. A Ghost Box, or Frank’s Box, is an altered AM/FM radio that can be manipulated by spirits to be able to communicate with us, in theory. Below is a transcript of those clips:

Q) “Come forward and talk to us!” A) “No…we’re outside”

Q) “Did you die in this house?” A) “Yes”

Q) “Did you live in this house?” A) “Yes”

Q) “Do you want James to leave?” A) “Yes” (child’s voice)

Q) “Do you want Kevin to leave?” A) “No” (Woman’s voice)

Q) “What is your name?” A) “Mike”

Q) “Is your name Mike?” A) “Bill”

Q) “Who are you afraid of?” A) “Kevin”

After reviewing the evidence of the investigation, we have determined that there may be in fact some paranormal activity in the house, though it appears the level of activity is low. We believe there are other factors to figure into this situation including the high EMF readings in the bedrooms and the irregular sleep patterns. It is our recommendation that the clients remove the aquariums from the bedrooms, develop a regular sleep schedule, and use stress relieving techniques. We believe this will eliminate or significantly reduce the paranormal activity in the house.

We would like to thank the homeowners for allowing us the opportunity to investigate their home, and for all of their hospitality!

Audio from Private Residence in Davenport, IA on 5/20/11. Enjoy!
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