Vinton Train Depot & Museum - 9/7/2013

On Saturday, September 7, 2013, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a follow-up paranormal investigation at the historic Vinton Train Depot. Our organization had previously investigated the Train Depot in 2010 with mixed results, so we asked if we could come back to find conclusive evidence and if the Vinton Train Depot was, in fact haunted. On this investigation, we had team members James, Kevin, Jessica, and Jason.

We began by setting up our equipment through out the location. We setup our IR camera's in the different rooms throughout the depot. We also placed a motion detector in the conductors station room and did not access the room in hopes something would trip the sensor. We also setup our digital voice recorders in different locations to capture all audio of the investigation. We used our digital EMF detectors to get readings throughout the building. We did not capture and unusual fluctuation or high readings of any EMF. We also took a base temperature reading of the building and did not record any unusual temperature fluctuation, although all of our investigators experienced chills and cold spots throughout the investigation.

Each investigator that night had their own personal experiences. Personal experiences are events that happen to an investigator, but we are unable to document it as evidence. James, while conducting an EVP session with Kevin in the basement, saw numerous shadow movements throughout the basement. Kevin also experienced this. James also this white mist form in between himself and Kevin. Kevin had his hand held video camera with him, but as this white mist occurred, the camera could not focus at that moment, hindering us from capturing that on video. Jessica, while conducting an EVP session with Jason in the model train room, had brand new batteries in her digital recorder go dead right as something set off the motion detector. Once that session was complete, the batteries came back to life for her and she was able to use them the rest of the evening. Kevin was also in this same room when he seen an apparition of someone walk past the window. He waited to see them walk past the 2nd window but they didn't.  Whatever he saw had vanished! This however, we did capture on video. Jason, while doing an EVP session in the main section, felt a very strong cold spot and was touched by something, which startled him quite a bit.

As for evidence we did capture, we caught 3 video clips that are quite interesting. Below is a breakdown of each video:

1) Strange Light from the Conductors Station:
- In review of the video, this strange light occurred in the conductors room, very prominent and bright, and then slowly fades away. Compared to other clips of us reflection our flashlights on and through the windows, we could not re-create that same brightness nor could we get a flashlight to fade out like this particular light. Our flashlights shut off instantly. Can we say this is conclusively paranormal, no. But we also cannot recreate it nor explain it.

2) Two Apparitions Walk Past Window:
During the time in which this video was caught, our team was on a small break. All investigators were on the north side of the building, near the archway that separates the Depot. If someone was walking by us at that time, we would have seen and/or heard them as these figures were walking in the direction that we we sitting. Everyone is accounted for when these 2 figures walk past the far left window in the video. This is exciting evidence for our team to have captured.

3) One Apparition Walks Past the Same Window & Kevin Witnessed:
During the time in which this video was caught, we were in the middle of conducting an EVP session in the main section of the building. James was in the “kitchen” area watching the monitors, Jessica and Jason were in the main section of the building, and Kevin was in the model train room by himself. He looks out the window and sees a figure walking outside. Instantly James went outside to see if there was anyone around and there was not. We are also unable to clearly see James walking around outside during this time making this video conclusive that something was right outside the building and showing itself to us. This is also an amazing piece of evidence to have captured at the depot!

We also captured a number of EVP audio and Ghost Box Clips. The Ghost Box, or Frank's Box, is a manipulated radio that continuously scans the frequencies and provides the “energy” a spirt need to communicate to us with. It is believed they can talk to us through this piece of equipment. As a note, while a great tool to use, it is not a 100% proven piece of equipment. Below is a breakdown of the audio we captured:

Q = Question; R = Response
Q) Give us a more definitive sound that your here! R) 3 knocks in response
Q) We want proof that there is life after death! R) Pain (heavy, male whisper)
Q) Was this place ever robbed? R) I saw it move (heavy, male whisper)
Q) I always wanted to ride on a train R) Fun
Q) We are going to ask questions... R) Walking or Footsteps
Q) Was the train depot ever robbed? R) Walking or Footsteps
Q) Did you have a family? R) Odd tapping or knocking sound
Q) Did it go to Urbana? R) Yeah (heavy, male whisper)
Q) James & Kevin talking about getting chills R) Die! (heavy, male whisper)

Ghost Box Clips:
Q) Can you tell us your name? R) Vincent
Q) How did you die? R) Heart Attack

With the evidence that we captured on this last investigation, it it the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that the historic Vinton Train Depot is in fact haunted. Is it the spirit of the former conductor still at command at his post? Or is it the spirit of a hobo or two, still lingering the grounds of the depot?  We cannot answer those questions at this time, but a future follow up investigation may provide us additional answers. We would like to thank the Benton County Historical Society for all of their hospitality, with the investigation and for the public presentation we did with them. We look forward to many more exciting opportunities with them in the near future!

Audio from The Vinton Train Depot on 9/7/2013. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
Clip 7
Clip 8
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Clip 11
Ghost Box
Clip 12
Ghost Box
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