Vinton Train Depot & Museum: 8/23/2014

On Saturday, August 23, 2014, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at The Vinton Train Depot & Museum in Vinton, IA. Our investigators present for the investigation were James, Kevin, and Jason. The investigation began at approximately 8:00pm and last until approximately 5:00am on Sunday morning.

Eastern Iowa Paranormal had previously investigated the Vinton Train Depot in 2010 and 2013, and have had quite the experiences here. Past evidence collected here includes seeing shadow movement, unexplained light sources, hearing unexplained footsteps, capturing full bodied Shadow Figures on camera, and EVP & Audion evidence. All of our previous evidence and experiences captured coincides with the previous claims of activity at the location.
We began by setting up our equipment through out the location. We setup our IR camera's in the different rooms throughout the building. We also setup our digital voice recorders in different locations to capture all audio of the investigation. We used our digital EMF detectors to get readings throughout the location. We did not capture any unusual fluctuation or high readings of any EMF. We also took a base temperature reading of the building and did not record any unusual temperature fluctuations.
Throughout the evening, personal experiences for our investigators was minimal. Each one of our investigators experiences odd knocking and banging type sounds within the building. In addition, each one of them heard unexplained footsteps coming from different areas of the building. Finally, each investigator at one point in the night felt like someone or something was standing behind them or near them and could hear what sounded like heavy breathing.
In review of our audio and video footage, we did not capture any unusual evidence during the night. We had hoped to capture additional Shadow Figures but did not. In addition, we did try to re-create what we had previously captured and could not, validating to us what we had previously captured. We did, however, capture EVP's and Audio evidence to further validate there is activity at The Vinton Train Depot.
Here is what we caught for EVP & Audion evidence:
1) During the 1st EVP session, we capture 2 distinct "bangs" from within the building that each investigator hears!
2) Q: "Do you like our company?"  A: "Story"
3) Q: "...Can you do that again for us?"  A: "NO!"
4) While we were waiting for people to finish walking past the Depot, we capture a male voice saying   "New People"
We also use a piece of equipment called a Frank's Box or ghost box. It is a radio device manipulated to communicate with spirits in theory. Here is what we got in response to our questions using this tool:
5) Q: "Is your name Don?" (Don Sheldon is the known man who died at his post in the Depot)  A: "Yes" 
6) Q: "Can you tell me my name?"  A: "Kevin"
7) Q: "Talk to me hobo!"  A: "No"  Q: "Yes!"  A:  "Leave!"
8) Q: "I want you to asshole"  A:  "Asshole!"  (Please note, while this is vulgar language, it is also not language associated with AM frequency radio, hence further validation we are receiving actual responses to our questions)
In conclusion, it is the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that The Vinton Train Depot is in fact haunted, and what we captured on this night further validates that conclusion. We would like to that the Benton County Historical Society for all of their help and hospitality while allowing us to investigate one of Benton County's most interesting attractions.
Audio from the Vinton Train Depot on 8/23/2014. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Ghost Box
Clip 6
Ghost Box
Clip 7
Ghost Box
Clip 8
Ghost Box
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