Edinburgh Manor - 11/30/2013

On Saturday night, November 30, 2013, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at the locally famous Edinburgh Manor Mental Health facility near Scotch Grove. The investigators present that evening were James, Kevin, Jessica, Jason, and guest investigator Doug.
Some of the claims here include seeing apparitions, shadow figures, doors opening and slamming, people being touched and shoved, disembodied voices, and so on. We received a tour upon arrival and were told that in addition, people have been burned as well, and that a former employee committed suicide on the grounds. Our research also indicates that prior to being a mental health facility, the land was the site of the Jones County Poor Farm in the mid-to-late 1800's, including many deaths, during this time.
The building did not provide any heat on this cold November night, so we had to measure each level for our base temperature readings. Temperature fluctuation became prevalent throughout the night. As for getting base EMF levels, we had a difficult time accurately measuring it as it continuously changed throughout the night and was never the same twice. We also recorded levels in spots where there should not have been readings.
We had many personal experiences throughout the night. During the initial walkthrough with the building management, all of us heard a door slam on the main level while we were in the basement. Everyone in the building was accounted for during this time. While we cannot explain why this happened, we also did not have another door slam throughout the night.
Throughout the night, our team experienced feelings of unease and almost as though they were being stalked and watched. At one point, Jessica was in the basement and felt a presence standing behind her and she felt as though it was breathing right on her neck!
We experienced many equipment failures throughout the night. We had batteries die on every single EVP sessions for no reason. This happened in our camera's, flashlights, MEL-Meters, and other devices. While the cold temperatures may have affected these devices, the constant drainage is odd, to say the least.
James had a session where he used our temperature radar to ask any entity in the area to drop the temp by 9.6 degrees. We started at 34.8 degrees and we got the temp to drop in the hallway to 24.9 degrees. While the temperature did not drop to the exact request, the temp drop itself is significant. Upon the end of the experiment, the temp in the hallway returned to normal and did not fluctuate again in that area.
During multiple EVP sessions, our MEL-Meters would malfunction in ways we had not previously experienced. In one session, while the base temperature was 27 degrees, our MEL-Meter read it was 128 degrees! In another session, the base temp was 22 degrees and the MEL-Meter read -18 degrees! These fluctuations are unexplainable to our investigators.  The MEL-Meter alarms were also going off in a constant manner.
During multiple EVP sessions, we heard knocks, bangs, and walking in and around the hallways. To the left are audio clips validating these experiences.
In review of our video evidence, we did not capture any paranormal evidence. However, we did capture mice in the building, as well as paint chips falling in the hallways. This can explain away some of the sounds we heard, but are not concrete enough to explain away all of them!
In conclusion, it is the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that there is paranormal phenomena at Edinburgh Manor. While we did not experience all of the claims, we had enough experiences to conclude our own opinion. Our personal experiences as well as our evidence back this up. We are looking to expand upon our experiences when the weather is better. At that time, we will get an even better indication of what activity is occurring at Edinburgh Manor. Is it the former patients? Is it the former Poor Farm residents letting all know they are still here? More to come soon. We would like to thank the Edinburgh Manor management team for allowing us the opportunity to come out and investigate.  
Audio from Edinburgh Manor on 11/30/2013. Wear a good set of headphones for these clips!
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