Fairfield, IA - 1/18/2013

On Friday evening, January 18, 2013, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at private residence inFairfield, IA. The investigators present for this investigation were James, Kevin, Jessica, and guest investigator, Crystal. Prior to the investigation, the client sent us a video of her son and her, with him attempting to whistle. This video was taken 2 years ago at a previous residence. In the video, you hear the client and her son talking, but you can also hear a breathy, male voice talking. We had included that audio only. There are 3 clips and below is our interpretation of the audio:

1) Clip 1- In this clip, the child whistles and talks in the clip. Behind his whistling you can hear whispers. It could possibly be saying "Whatever You Want, You Have"

2) Clip 2- In this clip, the client is laughing and playing with her son. If you listen closely, you can hear a voice whispering. It could possibly be saying "Do You Want Them to Come?"

3) Clip 3- In this clip, you hear the child whistle and the client speak. There is a male voice in the clip however that says "Whatever They Can to Hurt Us!"

We arrived at the residence at approximately 8:30pm and met with the homeowners. We discussed the most recent happenings that have occurred, received a tour of the home, and then the owners departed the home from the evening. During the tour of the home, James placed his digital voice recorder in the master bedroom and Kevin used his real-time voice recorder. Once the homeowner left, Kevin listened back on his recorder and caught the following EVP:

4) In this clip, the homeowner is talking about the activity and how on one occasion, it got bad enough that she called her dad to come in just be sure no one was in or around the house. In the audio, you will hear James say, "right, wow." But right before that, you will hear another male voice say "Wow" before James does, almost as if it is mocking him!  James reviewed his recorder and confirmed that the "Wow" was only picked up on Kevin's recorder, eliminating the possibility it was anyone else!

From here, we began setting up our equipment. We placed our IR cameras throughout the house and placed our digital voice recorders in different locations in the home. We used our K2 Meter, MEL-Meter, Ghost Box, and other equipment to capture any further evidence in the home. Kevin had placed one recorder in the oldest child's bedroom while we were setting up and we caught an EVP:

5) During setup, while no one is in the bedroom or even asking a question we captured a heavy breathing, male voice saying "(Deep sigh)...All I've Got is You!" This sounds exactly like the same male voice from the video the client sent us!

After reviewing and analyzing the video, audio, and other measurable data, here is what we found. We found very high levels of EMF (electromagnetic fields) in the laundry room. This is due to the electrical box being located in there as well as the furnace. This is a strong possibility as to why the client feels uneasy in that room. Also, on the other side of the wall to this room is the child's bedroom. His bed is located along this wall and the high levels of EMF are around his bed as well. This could possibly be causing the nightmares he had been experiencing. We did not capture any video footage on this case, but we did capture some additional audio clips. Below is a transcript of that audio:

6) In this clip, Jessica ask if the spirit is attracted to the client, and we capture what sounds like someone whistling!

7) In this clip, James ask the spirit to touch the plasma ball we had sitting on the dresser in the master bedroom. We also had the MEL-Meter goes off for an extended period of time!

8) In this clip, Kevin and Jessica are talking about the thermostat to turn up the heat in the home. During this time, we caught a male voice saying either "No" or "Go" right before James speaks at the end of the clip.

9) In this clip, James and Jessica are in the kitchen talking about the homeowners experiences when we captured a male voice saying either "Jess" or "James." It is hard to determine because it is breathy, but we believe it definitely starts with the "J" sound!

10) In this clip, Kevin, Jessica, and Crystal are in the oldest child's bedroom. Activity had slowed down so Jessica proposes that the investigators just ignore whatever is there in an attempt to get a response. As Jessica is explaining to Kevin what the ignore trick is, we caught a male voice saying "Do It" in response!

After review of this evidence, it is the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that there is 2 issues at hand here, the negative energy within the home and the male voice that is around the client. Our client has since moved from the home and the negative feeling that she use to have has gone away, so whatever negative energy was in the home hopefully will remain there. Our team did not pick up any conclusive evidence to suggest the home has activity. Unfortunately, we caught the same male voice from the video the client sent us 2 years ago, suggesting that there is a male spirit attached to the client. The client is in transition to a new home, and once she is settled in, we will conduct a follow-up with her. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and work with this client to resolve the issue she is facing. We would like to thank them for their hospitality and for allowing us to help them during this trying time.

Audio from a private residence in Fairfield, IA on 1/18/2013. Enjoy!
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