Frank G. Ray House: 7/26/2014

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at The Frank G. Ray House in Vinton, IA. Our investigators present for the investigation were James, Kevin, Jessica, Jason, and Lyndsey . The investigation began at approximately 8:00pm and last until approximately 5:00am on Sunday morning.
Eastern Iowa Paranormal had previously investigated the Ray House in 2010 and 2011, and have had quite the experiences here. Past evidence collected here includes seeing shadow movement, unexplained light sources, flashlights turning on and off by themselves, hearing unexplained footsteps, seeing full bodied apparitions, EVP & Audion evidence, and video footage of unexplained light sources. All of our previous evidence and experiences captured coincides with the previous claims of activity at the house. 
We began by setting up our equipment through out the location. We setup our IR camera's in the different rooms throughout the home. We also setup our digital voice recorders in different locations to capture all audio of the investigation. We used our digital EMF detectors to get readings throughout the home. We did not capture any unusual fluctuation or high readings of any EMF. We also took a base temperature reading of the house and did not record any unusual temperature fluctuations.
Throughout the investigation, each one of our investigators had their own personal experience. While conducting an EVP session in the basement, James and Kevin were asking questions as a shadow figure, darker than the room, quickly rushed by them both. It took the breath away from James and interfered with Kevin's Real-time recorder, leaving his headphone cord swinging from the movement! Also, numerous times throughout the night, Lyndsey felt a heaviness on here chest, and also felt nausea from something getting too close to her. When she would step outside the home, she would begin to instantly feel fine. Finally, throughout the night, our investigators would smell scents throughout the home. In the living room/parlor, Jessica and Lyndsey both could smell a "sweet, flowery" type scent. In the sunroom near the restrooms, Kevin could smell a "smokey" smell, like cigar or pipe tobacco scent.
After review of our audio and video footage, we did not capture any visual evidence during the night. However we did capture EVP's and Audio evidence to further validate there is activity at The Ray House.
Here is what we caught for EVP & Audio evidence:
1) While EIP invesigators are in the basement...
Q: "Can you speak into the Red Light for me?...."  A: Unexplained growling sound
2) While EIP investigators are upstairs finishing a session, not asking questions.... They capture the same growling noise caught in the basement!
3) While no question is being asked, we capture what sounds like "Arrogant"
4) Q: "Bang on something down here"  A:  "No"
5) Q: "Give us a sign your here"  A: "Papa"
6) While EIP is begining a EVP session we capture "Watch Them" in the basement!
7) Q: "What is your name?"  A: "Ray"

In conclusion, it is the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that the Frank G Ray House is in fact haunted, and what we captured on this night further validates that conclusion. We would like to that the Benton County Historical Society for all of their help and hospitality while allowing us to investigate one of Benton County's finest homes.

Audio from the Frank G Ray House on 7/26/2014. Enjoy!
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