Homestead - January 25, 2014

On Saturday, January 25, 2014, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at a private residence in the Amana Colonies. Our investigators present for the investigation were James, Jessica, and Jason. The investigation began at approximately 8:00pm and last until approximately 5:00am on Sunday morning.
The homeowner has multiple claims of activity including experiencing objects moved and misplaced in the home, random items appearing that do not belong to the homeowner, doors closing on their own, doorbell to the child's bedroom (battery operated toy doorbell) will randomly ring, disembodied voices, walking on the hardwood floors when no one is up moving around, lights turning on & off on their own, and the gas stove knobs being turned on while no one was home! Also, prior to moving to the current residence, the homeowner also had experiences at a previous residence including the garage door locking on its own, ceiling vent falling out, knocking on glass windows while no one was around, heavy set vanity mirror falling off dresser, and also hearing random footsteps in the kitchen while the family would be upstairs in the bedrooms. All of this activity led to one question, is their activity in the home, or is something attached to the homeowner directly?
We began the investigation by setting up our IR camera's in the basement, dining room, living room, stairwell, and upstairs bedrooms. Throughout the night, we continued to measure the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) in the house, to see if we could record any fluctuation. Unfortunately the EMF readings were minimal and did not change during the investigation. Also, we measured the temperature in each section of the home. We did not record any significant temperature changes during the night.
As far as personal experiences, our investigators had minimal experiences. In on session, both James and Jason heard a disembodied voice in the basement, which our recorders captured. Also...
In review of our audio recorders, we did capture numerous EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena) clips. These are voices/noises recorded in response to our questions during the investigation. Some of these were recorded in the basement of the home while a EVP session was being conducted in other areas of the home! The first two clips are from our pre-investigation walk through. Below is a transcription of the clips we captured:
Clip1) Q- "Are you the spirit attached to Jessica?"  R- "No"
Clip 2) Q- "What is your name?"  R- "Jessica"
Clip 3) Q- "Did you work in the Amana Colonies?"  R- "Yeah"
Clip 4) Q- EIP talking  R- Footsteps/Walking type sounds heard on our RT recorder
Clip 5)  Q- "You need to move on..."  R- Strange/Unexplained Whistling
Clip 6)  Q-  "...Talk to me?"  R- "I am" or a loud sigh heard by our investigators
Clip 7)  Q- " the doorbell to Lilly's room"  R- "Who"
Clip 8)  While EVP session is going on in basement, footsteps are heard above the investigators
Clip 9)  Q- "...its a yes or no question..."  R- long delay the "No"
These next 3 clips were captured within minutes of each other. They are from a separate recorder placed in the basement during a separate EVP session:
Clip10)  No one is in the basement  R- "...Tom..."
Clip 11  No one is in the basement  R- "...Hey...get out"
Clip 12 ) No one is in the basement  R- "...Die"
We also managed to capture a number of ghost box clips. The ghost box is a radio device manipulated to allow spirits to use the energy to communicate with us. Below is a transcript of the clips:
Clip 1) Q- "Is there someone in this room you like?"  R- "You"
Clip 2) Q- "What is my name?  R- " listening"
Clip 3) Q- "Tell me what my name is?"  R- "Jason"
Clip 4) Q- "If you know so much about me, what color are my eyes?"  R- "Blue...Blue"
Clip 5) Q- "You still want me to leave?  R- "Yes" .....Q- "You want me to go down stairs right now?  R- "Yes"
Immediately after the investigation, an item was moved in the house, with no logical explanation.  The house was blessed by Rev. James Bramow. However the homeowner had another experience where the toy doorbell went off in the middle of the night a few nights after the blessing. We will continue to monitor the activity and follow-up if necessary. We would like to thank the homeowner for the opportunity and their hospitality.
Audio from Private Residence in Homestead, IA on 1/25/14. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
Clip 7
Clip 8
Clip 9
Clip 10
Clip 11
Clip 12
Clip 13
Ghost Box
Clip 14
Ghost Box
Clip 15
Ghost Box
Clip 16
Ghost Box
Clip 17
Ghost Box
Clip 18
Ghost Box
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