The Horridge House - Vinton, IA: 6/28/2014

On Saturday, June 28, 2014, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at The Horridge House in Vinton, IA. Our investigators present for the investigation were James, Kevin, Jessica, Jason, and guest investigator Doug . The investigation began at approximately 8:00pm and last until approximately 7:00am on Sunday morning.
Going into this nights investigation, we had no confirmed activity claims, although we were told of local stories that people felt "creeped out" or felt "watched" while being in and/or near the location. We did our research of the home which included the life of George Horridge, his wives, and original artifacts that still remain with the property. The energy expended by Mrs. Horridge on the home could be why it felt that someone is still "watching" over the property.
We began by setting up our equipment through out the location. We setup our IR camera's in the different rooms throughout the home.  We also placed a motion detector upstairs in the all seasons room and did not access the room in hopes something would trip the sensor. We also setup our digital voice recorders in different locations to capture all audio of the investigation. We used our digital EMF detectors to get readings throughout the building. We did not capture and unusual fluctuation or high readings of any EMF. We also took a base temperature reading of the building and did not record any unusual temperature fluctuations.
Each investigator had their own personal experiences in the home throughout the night, but none more apparent than the experience Kevin had while conducting his 1st EVP session, upstairs of the home. While asking random questions during an EVP session,while sitting in a chair upstairs, Kevin felt something hit his back, almost as if something or someone kicked him in the center of the back! It was so intense, he had to excuse himself from the investigation for a short time. The pain from the event subsided through the night, but he woke up the next day with swelling of the back and minor bruising! There is no explainable reason as to why this happened. The other investigators invited this to happen to them in the same chair in the same room, but no other investigator experienced this phenomena.
In review of our audio and video footage, we did not capture any visual evidence during the night. However we did capture EVP's and Audio evidence to suggest that something might be occurring at the Horridge House.
Here is what we caught for  EVP's & Audio:
1) (While EIP is setting up to do an EVP session) "Hi You..."
2) Q: "Is anybody in here?"  A: "Time..."
3) (While no questions are being asked)  "Must Die"
4) Q: "Walk in this room" (Response of audible footsteps)
We also use a piece of equipment called a Frank's Box or ghost box. It is a radio device manipulated to communicate with spirits in theory. Here is what we got in response to our questions using this tool:
1) Q: "The male with a deep voice, are you Mr. Horridge?"  A: "Yes"
2) Q: "Can you say Thank You one more time?"  A: "No....Bye"
3) Q: "How old were you when you died?"  A: "Old"
4) Q: "Talk directly to me"  A: "Ok" (childs voice)
5) Q) "What do you want from us?"  A: "Leave"
6) Q: "What is your name?"  A: "Jason"
7) Q: (While Kevin stands up and moves) "Being a little pansy now"  A: "SIT!"
8) Q: "You are boring us..." A: "Please get out of here"....Q: "Did it just say get out of here?"  A: "Yep"
In conclusion, given the personal experience had by Lead Investigator Kevin coupled with the EVP & Audio clips we captured that night, it is the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that there is activity of some in the Horridge House. But does the spirit of Mr. & Mrs. George Horridge still haunt the property? We cannot say as of yet. More research, data, and evidence must be collected before we can say for certain. We would like to thank the Benton County Historical Society for all of their help and hospitality in allowing us to investigate one of Benton County's most precious homes.
Audio from The Horridge House on 6/28/2014. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
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Clip 5
Clip 6
Ghost Box
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Ghost Box
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Ghost Box
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