La Porte City, IA - 12-2-2017

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, James Bramow and Jessica Bramow of Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted an afternoon, abbreviated investigation, of a home in La Porte City, IA. The house is currently under renovation and this has seemed to stir up activity in the home, which was used as a funeral home at one time, and also was a facility for the mentally disabled.

During our abbreviated investigation, we conducted three separate EVP sessions. Two sessions were focused on the main level of the home, and one extended session was completed in the upstairs level of the house. We did not setup cameras during this visit nor did we have our full scope of equipment. We did use our standard audio recorder, our Real-time Audio recorder, our KII Meter, and the Huff Portal box.

We began by setting up audio recording equipment in the basement section of the home. We did not complete an EVP session in this area of the home but did let our equipment record during the entire duration of our visit. Unfortunately, we did not capture any conclusive evidence for this portion of our investigation.

Our first EVP session began in the living room/dining room section of the main level of the home.  We began first by setting up a baby monitor upstairs so we could listen for any activity while we were on the main level.  Before we began recording our audio session, we heard a distinct voice come through on the baby monitor say “Mama”. During this session, we captured 2 distinct EVP clips:

  1. (While no question is being asked) (Female Voice)… “Brrrr” (followed by Jessica asking “what was that?” to which James responded. This was heard through our real-time audio recorder.
  2. Q: “Where are you”? “Are you in here”?  A: (Female voice) “Huhhh” (Or whimpering type sound)

During this session, while James was standing in the dining room area of the home, something flicked the back of his head, which is a claim reported that has happened to multiple people in the kitchen/dining room area.

We next turned our attention to the upstairs portion of the house. We began in one of the smaller bedrooms upstairs that felt cold compared to the other rooms up there. Before we could begin our EVP session, the KII meter activity began. For approximately 5 minutes, something would touch the box and max out the lights on the tool, then the readings would stop, and then light up 50%, then subside, then max out again. It was as if something was playing with the tool. After that, things got quiet but got one distinct EVP clip upstairs:

  1. Q: “Can you come stand next to me”?  A: Cat meows  (It is noted that cat noises were heard during our time there, but no cat was present inside or outside the home

Our last session, we returned to the main level of the house and conducted an EVP session using our Huff Portal box. During this session, we met with what appears to be a male spirit:

  1. Q: “We didn’t disrespect you”? A: (Inaudible).  I’m Eddie.
  2. Q: “Is your name Eddie”?  A: “Yes, in life”
  3. Q: “How old are you”?  A: “Old”

With the personal experiences including the physical touching, the audio clips including the Portal box session, and the KII Meter activity, James and Jessica believe there to be activity occurring in the house. Eastern Iowa Paranormal concludes that a complete investigation is needed, including additional research on the house, before we can truly give analysis to the paranormal activity occurring in the house. 

Audio from private Residence in La Porte City, IA on 12-2-17. Enjoy!
EVP Session
Female 'huh'
EVP Session
EVP Session
I'm Eddie
Portal Session
Portal Session
How Old Are You?
Portal Session
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