Marengo - 1/11/2014

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at a private residence in Marengo, IA. The investigators present were Kevin, Jason, as well as the homeowners.
Claims of activity include the child seeing a male shadow figure, doors opening and closing, hearing disembodied voices, cold spots. Our investigators measured and recorded the base temperature of the house, as well as measured and documented any unusual EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) readings. Throughout the evening, they did not experience any cold spots or chills nor did they record any unusual temperature changes. They also did not experience any unusual EMF spikes and the house only had normal level readings.
We setup our IR cameras throughout the home to capture any video activity. We placed our laser grid in the bedroom to capture any potential shadow movement or "breaks" in the grid. Unfortunately we did not capture or document any video evidence to support the claims of activity on this night.
Eastern Iowa Paranormal uses different types of audio recorders to conduct EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) sessions. We have Real Time recorders, which allows our investigators to hear any responses in real time and conduct a session based on any/all responses we get. We also use state of the art digital recorders which pick up any/all responses. Both have proven to be vital to our research, and we did capture a few responses to our questions during the EVP sessions. Below is a transcript of the evps:
Clip 1) "Are you a family member?" - Strange whistling sound following the EIP questions
Clip 2) "...Give us a sign that you are here!" - Male response of "No!"
Clip 3) "...Are you an outlaw or a biker?" - Very faint whisper of "What is that?"
Clip 4) "...the lights can tell us that you are here" - Very faint whisper of "That's great!"
During our investigations, we do a few sessions with our ghost box. It is a radio device that will continually scan the radio frequencies. It is believed that spirits can manipulate the energy from the device to communicate with us more easily. Below is a transcript of the responses we received that night:
Clip 1) "What is your name?" - Response of "Doesn't want money, just him"
Clip 2) "Do you know either of our names?" - Response of "'re a jerk!"
Clip 3) "Who's in here tonight?" - Response of "Jason...Kevin"
In review of all of the evidence including video, audio, personal experiences, and base readings of he house, it is the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that the home is not haunted. Although we did capture a few things, there is not enough evidence here. This is based on one investigation however, and we will continue to monitor the experiences by the homeowners, and will follow up if needed. We would like to thank them for allowing us to come to their home and for their hospitality.
Audio from Private Residence in Marengo, IA on 1/11/2014. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Ghost Box
Clip 6
Ghost Box
Clip 7
Ghost Box
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