Oxford - 1/5/2013

On Saturday evening, January 5, 2013, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at a private residence in Oxford, IA. The investigators present for this investigation were James, Jessica, and investigator-in-training Jason. We arrived at the residence at approximately 7:30pm and met with the family. We discussed the most recent happenings that have occurred, and then the family departed the home from the evening. From there, we began setting up our equipments to begin the investigation.

We began setting up our IR cameras and other equipment throughout the house. Approximately 20 minutes into setting up, Jessica was in the living room of the home taking EMF (electromagnetic fields) readings when she heard what sounded like someone shoveling snow off the sidewalk. James went outside and the snow shovel that was on the patio next to the door was lying sideways across the sidewalk! We were unable to debunk how the shovel could have fallen 2 steps down and into the position we found it in. Unfortunately, we did not capture this on video so we have to count this as a mere personal experience.

Our investigating included doing EVP (electronic voice phenomena) sessions, and using other devices including the K2 Meter, Frank’s Box (Ghost Box), MEL-Meter, digital thermometers, and so on to capture any paranormal occurrences. We experienced multiple knocks and bangs throughout the house the entire night, but overall, our personal experiences were at a minimum. We did capture 11 audio clips that we deemed very interesting. Below is a transcript of the clips:

1)      Q) “How many spirits are here, live here?”  A) Response of 5 knocks!

2)      James is talking, and after he says “…in another fashion” you here a groan before he says “…knocking on a wall”

3)      Q) “How did you die?” A) It sounds like the investigator shifts in the chair as a faint whisper of “Jess” comes thru!

4)      In this clip, our investigators are conducting a session in the living room when something knocks on the wall right next to Jason!

5)      In this clip, our investigators are conducting a session in the basement when something bangs in the basement, startling our investigators!

6)      Q) “We need you to answer our questions.”  A) “Not this last one”

7)      Q) “Is anyone down here with us?”  A) (Faint) “Go"

8)      Ghost Box Session:

Q) “Is there any spirits here that want to communicate with us?”

A) “No”

Q) “Why do you not want to communicate?”

A) “Because”

      9)  Ghost Box Session:

           Q) “If you don’t start answering our questions, I’m going to have a priest…”

           A) “Is that a threat?”

     10)  Ghost Box Session:

            Q) “Is there a spirit by the name of Elmer South?”

            A) “Go home”

     11)  Ghost Box Session:

            Q) “What color is the light on the floor?”

            A) “Leave…Go home”

After reviewing and analyzing all of our data and evidence, it is the professional opinion of Eastern Iowa Paranormal that there is in fact activity occurring within the home. We do not have enough conclusive evidence to determine whether this is an intelligent or residual activity. We can conclude that whatever is there, it is not malicious or violent and is more of a nuisance to the homeowner than anything. However, we will continue to be in contact with the homeowner to monitor the amount of activity and determine if any follow-up investigations will be needed. We would like to thank the homeowner for inviting us out and allowing us the opportunity to investigate the home.

Audio from Private Residence in Oxford, IA on 1/5/2013. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
Clip 7
Clip 8
Ghost Box
Clip 9
Ghost Box
Clip 10
Ghost Box
Clip 11
Ghost Box
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