Frank G. Ray House: 10/23/2010

On Saturday, October 23, 2010, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at the Frank G. Ray House & Museum in Vinton, IA. On this case, we were joined by Scott Steele from KHAK radio, along with his wife Misty. The investigators on this case were James, David, Jeff, April, and Kevin.

During this investigation, we did not get any unusual temperature changes, we did not find any high or unusual electromagnetic (EMF) readings, and we did not capture anything in our photos. We did however, have quite a few personal experiences. David, Misty, Kevin, April and Scott each saw what appeared to be a small white light floating around upstairs. James and David each saw what appeared to be a green light in the basement go from the floor to the ceiling (there are no windows in this area). Multiple team members saw shadow movement in the basement as well as in the carriage house. James saw what appeared to be a man standing near the stairs leading upstairs and when he went to investigate it, “he” was gone! Our guest investigator Misty was by herself in one of the basement rooms when a flashlight lying on the floor rolled one way, then back the other way. On video, we captured a few things. Upstairs in the “Masonics” room, a light source is seen moving away from David. In the carriage house, something floats by the camera? We also caught a 3 minute clip of two lights near the front parlor, one bigger than the other, floating around getting bigger and smaller throughout the clip. It’s the only time it did it all night! We did capture some of the flashlight sessions on video. Something is responding to questions asked by April, but the handheld, which was placed on a padded folding chair sunk into the chair far enough to place the flashlight out of view. When we tried to de-bunk it, we couldn’t as the camera did not sink into the chair by itself, it had to be forced down to re-create what was the final shot. It’s almost as if “something” sat down on the chair during this session.

We also captured some EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena). Here is transcript of what we caught:

Q) “Is your name Emma?”  A) “No”
Q) “How many spirits are here?”  A) “Ha”
Q) “Mrs. Ray, can you say hello back?”  A) “No”
Q) (investigators talking about more audio evidence)  A) “won’t be (inaudible)…”
Q) (No one is around)  A) “The wall…”
Q) (No one is around)  A) “Get Out”
Q) (investigators talking)  A) female moan

We also captured two hours worth of audio in what sounds like someone playing with coins and counting money in a upstairs room. It could be a residual haunt in there. Also, we captured what sounds like a door shutting and someone walking across the wood floor, however, our investigators were in the basement and on the third floor. No one was on the main level where this was captured!

With all of the evidence collected and with all of the personal experiences by all investigators, it is in our opinion the Frank Ray House is in fact haunted. It could possibly be a residual haunt but there seemed to be intelligent responses to our questions. Is it haunted by the Rays? We cannot answer that at this time, more investigating is needed.

In anticipation of The Return to the Frank Ray House & Museum on April 2, 2011......

Never Before Released Piece of Evidence - Released 3/18/2011
(keep your eye on the window to the far left)

In the front parlor room where Mr. Ray’s funeral was held, we captured a 3 minute video clip of an unexplained light source. The window of the room looks to the east and the south. There is a nearby intersection (1st Ave & 10th St.), however there was road construction at that intersection at the time and the road was closed, eliminating it being a car headlight. The window also sits well above the ground level, making it extremely difficult for someone to have been shining a flashlight in the window. Also, if it was a flashlight shining in through the window, it would have reflected into our IR camera, effecting the camera shot. Nobody was in the house at this time as our guest investigator Scott Steele was leaving the location at this time. We will however, try to debunk this clip to the best of our ability, and will let you know if we are able to!

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