Frank G. Ray House: Part 2 - 04/02/2011

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a paranormal investigation at the Frank Ray House and Museum, our return trip from the October, 2010 investigation. The EIP team included James Bramow, Jeff Bramow, Kevin Grendler, Jessica Bryant, David Erb, Lyndsey Essary, and Brittany Goodell.

*NOTE: This is Part 2 of the Reveal. Part was has already been posted. Please check our website, or check Facebook for it!

We have 7 final EVP clips to share. They were captured in the main house in different locations. Below is a transcript of the final 7:

Q) “Is there anyone down here with us?” A) “…..not me”

Q)  Nobody is around A) Footsteps?

Q) While no question is being asked A) “…Ray”

Q) While no one was on the main level A) 2 Knocks

Q) Investigator Lyndsey is talking A) “…sigh…” right before Jeff starts to talk

Q) No question being asked A) Woman moaning or crying before we start radio communication

Q) “Could you tell us how old you are? A) “…eighty three…”

*Our research indicates the Mr. Ray was 83 years of age at the time of his passing

During our first investigation of the Ray House, we captured an approx. 3 min video clip of an unexplained light source in the living room while all of our investigators were outside. So we set out to debunk this video to the best of our ability. Using a vehicle, we approached the house with normal headlights from all four possible directions. This was not the cause of the light. We tried in again using high/bright beams from all directions. This also proved to not to be the source. We used a mini LED flashlight on the outside of the window, both up close and from a distance and this was not the source of the light. We used a Mega flashlight from across the street from 3 different angles. Again, this was not the cause of the light. In the end, we could not recreate the footage from the 1st investigation, so at this time we conclude that it is paranormal.

It is our professional assessment that the Frank G. Ray House & Museum is in fact, haunted. We believe there is both residual and intelligent haunts at this location. Is it the spirits of Frank and Emma Ray looking over their home, we cannot say for sure, but the age captured in an EVP coincides with the age Mr. Ray was at the time of his death, so it is possible.

We would like to thank Bob Moen and the Benton County Historical Society for all of their help in allowing Eastern Iowa Paranormal the opportunity to investigate one of Benton County’s beautiful historical museums.

Audio from the Frank G Ray House on 4/2/2011. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
Clip 7
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