Reed-Niland Corner - 9/22/2017

On Friday evening, September 22, 2017, two members from Eastern Iowa Paranormal (James & Jessica Bramow) travelled to Colo, IA to conduct a follow-up investigation of Reed-Niland Corner. We were joined by the current owners of Niland’s Café (Sandii & Mike) and Darcy Dougherty (Writer/Author).

We began by setting up our equipment throughout the location. We setup our IR camera’s in the kitchen, café and the service station next door. And we set up digital voice recorders throughout the location. We performed a sweep of the location with the EMF detectors and found no unusual fluctuations or high EMF readings. Temperature readings were normal throughout the location as well.

Our first session was conducted in the dining room. While we heard a couple of shuffles or small movement, we did not capture any EVP’s on our digital voice recorders during this session.

The second session was conducted in the kitchen, and much like the first session, other than a couple of shuffles, we did not capture any EVP’s.

During the third session, we decided to use our newest tool, which is called The Portal. This tool was built by Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal. He has only built a few of these communication boxes and we are lucky enough to own one. This session was interesting. In the past, we have not been able to get any legitimate responses with this box. This particular session, while we only captured one good legible response, was much different than our past experiences with the box. The audio clip dialog is below:

Audio Clip - Cafe:
Jess: Can you please give us a good response... Portal: I just told the lady...

The fourth EVP session was conducted in the service station. While we didn’t capture any EVP’s in this location, voices were heard outside and we were unable to see actual people outside of the building.

The fifth session was a Portal session, conducted in the kitchen. This is where the Portal really came through for us. We captured 5 legible responses:

Audio Clip 1:
James: Are you being a prankster? Portal: “yes”
Our group: We all confirm we heard ‘yes’ Portal: Laughter

Audio Clip 2:
James: “So what is your name?”
Portal: “What’s your name?”
Our group: Excited that it responded with the same question.... James: “My name is James, what is your name?”
Portal: inaudible
James: “Can you say that one more time, I didn’t catch that?” Portal: “Hold on a second...”

Audio Clip 3:
Jess: “Why are you so quiet?
Darcy: “Do you want Mike to hold it?” Portal: “? He’s Mine”?
Darcy: “You want Mike”?
Portal: “I don’t know anything about him”

Audio Clip 4:
Darcy: “So do you want me to stay?”
Portal: “yes” “Jessica” “NO”
Darcy: “NO..ok well I’m going to pass it over to Mike” Portal: “Hand it to Mike”

Audio Clip 5:
James: “Do you have anything else you want to tell us?” Portal: “Not Me” “Hang Up”

Eastern Iowa Paranormal’s professional conclusion is that there continues to be paranormal activity at this location but it does not appear to be violent or harmful. We would again like to thank the Café owners and the Board of Directors for the opportunity to investigate this awesome, historic location. 

Audio from The Portal at Reed-Niland Corner on 9/22/17. Enjoy!
I Just Told the Lady
Portal Session
You Want Mike?
Portal Session
Portal Session
What's Your Name?
Portal Session
Hand it to Mike
Portal Session
Anything else you want to tell us?
Portal Session
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