Reed-Niland Corner: 4/17/2015

On Friday, April 17, 2015, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at Reed-Niland Corner in Colo, IA. Our investigators present for the investigation were James, Kevin, Jessica, and Lyndsey. The current owners of Niland's Café were also present. The investigation began at approximately 9:00pm and last until approximately 6:00am on Saturday morning.

Eastern Iowa Paranormal was contacted because employees of Niland's Café had reported odd occurrences happening including feeling watched by a small child and a woman, objects being moved or found in locations where they should not be, being tapped on the back/shoulder, aprons being untied, coffee pot machine being turned off at random, and so forth.
We began by setting up our equipment through out the location. We setup our IR camera's in the Café and in the Service Station next door. We also setup our digital voice recorders in different locations to capture all audio of the investigation. We used our digital EMF detectors to get readings throughout the location. We did not capture any unusual fluctuation or high readings of any EMF. We also took a base temperature reading of the building and did not record any unusual temperature fluctuations.
Throughout the evening, each of our investigators had a personal experience or two that could not be explained. While in the Service Station, James and Lyndsey both heard what sounded like something metal being slide across the floor but there was nothing metal being moved! Also in the Service Station, Kevin heard what sounded like footsteps coming near him, but no one was there! Jessica also heard what sounded like dripping water in the Service Station, but there was no running water in the location and it was not raining during this time! In the Café kitchen area, both Jessica and Lyndsey heard footsteps, felt a cold spot, could smell a flowery type scent, and had one of the aprons they were wearing tugged on from behind, as if something was trying to untie it as had been claimed by the employees! Finally, while in the Café dining room, both Kevin and James heard footsteps and what sounded like someone shuffling around things coming from the kitchen but no one was in the kitchen at the time!
In review of our audio and video footage, we did not capture any unusual video evidence during the night. We did however, capture some audio evidence to support the claims of activity. EVP's, or electronic voice phenomena, are voices that are capture on electronic recording devices that are not usually heard with the naked ear. Unfortunately we are not able to use all of our clips because of contamination from the running appliances and outside noises, but we do have eight solid clips from the evening.
Here is what we caught for EVP & Audio evidence (as usual, we recommend that you wear headphones to listen to these, as we do not alter or enhance the audio in any way):
1) In the Service Station - Q: "Does anyone in here want to talk to us?"  A - "None of Them!"
2) In the Service Station - Q: "Co you want us to be in here right now?"   - "No!"
3) In the Service Station - While we were setting up, we captured an unusual "Giggling" sound!
4) In the Service Station - Q: "What was his name?  A - "Oh Gosh"
5) In the Service Station - Q: "...Don't be afraid"  A - "Im Not!"
6) In the Café kitchen - Q: "Can you help me clean dishes? It'd be fun"  A - "Mm Hmm" (It what sounds like a small child's voice) 
7) In the Café kitchen - Q: "I have an eleven year old daughter who loves helping out in the kitchen"  A - "Yes, please" or "Thank you" (This one is difficult to completely understand but there is definitely a response.
8) In the Café kitchen - While setting up to do the EVP session we captured a EVP of the name "Thresa Vaughn"
Eastern Iowa Paranormal’s professional conclusion that there is some paranormal activity at the location but that the activity does not seem to be violent or harmful. Is the spirit of Thresa Vaughn haunting the location? Is there more than one spirit haunting the grounds of Reed-Niland Corner? The evidence collected and the personal experiences had by the team would suggest yes to both questions, but more evidence would need to be collected to say for sure. We would like to thank the Café owners and the Board of Directors for the opportunity to investigate such a historic location.
Audio from Reed-Niland Corner on 4/17/2015. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
Clip 7
Clip 8
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