West Amana - 11/23/2012

** Audio Files will be uploaded in the next couple of days (11/12/17) **
On Friday night, Novemeber 23, 2012, the members of Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at a residence in West Amana, IA. The team members present were James, Kevin, Jessica, and Lyndsey. They were also joined by the homeowner for the evening. The claims of activity in the home included the daughter of the homeowner hearing footsteps in the living room while no one was home but her, childrens toys will roll across the floor on their own, and a spoon was knocked off a tv tray on its own. Also, the homeowner has heard a voice calling out her nickname as she was laying in bed.
We setup our IR cameras in the basement, living room, master bedroom, and the youngest sons room in the upstairs of the home. We also placed a hand held camera in the living room in an attempt to catch any toys rolling across the floor. We strategically placed our digital voice recorders throughout the home to capture any EVP's, and used the Frank's Box (Ghost Box), K2 Meter, MEL-Meter, digital thermometer, and other devices to try and communicate with anything or anyone who may be in the home.
Our most active session of the evening came at approximately 12:00am Saturday morning. We had 2 investigators in the basement conducting one EVP session while at the same time the other investigators were upstairs in the master bedroom conducting a EVP session. The investigators in the basement experienced shadow movement and cold spots and chills while asking questions. Meanwhile, at the same time, something was communicating with our investigators in the master bedroom via the MEL-Meter. The MEL-Meter measures EMF fields and sounds an alarm if something gets close enough to the device. At one point, things got very quiet for both sessions and then something pulled the metal cover off of the furnace in the basement, startling the investigators in the basement and was forceful enough to be heard throughout the entire house! Our investigators placed the cover back on the furnace and had to use force to pull the cover off! We concluded this did not just fall of the furnace! 
After reviewing and analyzing all of the video evidence, we did not capture any footage of anything that could be deemed paranormal. Our audio device did capture a couple of EVP clips, a couple Frank's Box clips, and the MEL-Meter/Furnace Cover incident. Below is a transcript of the audio:
1) We are setting up to conduct an EVP session in the upstairs bedroom. While our investigators are talking, James says "...in both rooms?" and something responds with a "No"
2) We are in the middle of an EVP session in the basement and Lyndsey is talking about how she doesnt feel any unease in the home when we captured a odd sound, kind of high pitched while she is talking.
Frank's Box:
1) Kevin and James are conducting a Frank's Box session in the upstairs bedroom when we asked-
    Q) "Can you give us a sign that your here?"  A) "Leave"
2) James and Kevin are conducting a Frank's Box session in the upstairs bedroom when we asked-
    Q) "There is also a car in the other room next to me, do you want to play with it?"  A) "No"
We are also including the MEL-Meter responses to our investigators questions during the master bedroom session as well as the audio from the basement when the cover of the furnace was pulled off and slammed to the floor. WARNING: These clips are unedited and contain strong language.
It is Eastern Iowa Paranormals professional conclusion that there is activity in the home but that the activity does not seem to be violent or harmful. It is simply there and acting as a nuisance for the homeowners. We left the home advising that whatever is there be mindful of the homeowners as it is their home now and to leave them in peace. We will continue to monitor any additional claims of activity and will return if/when needed. We would like to thank the homeowner for allowing us the opportunity to conduct our investigation in her home and for her hospitality while we were there.
Audio from Private Residence in West Amana, IA on 11/23/2012. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Ghost Box
Clip 5
Ghost Box
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