Williamsburg, IA - 04/22/2011

On Saturday, April 22, 2011, Eastern Iowa Paranormal conducted a scientific paranormal investigation at a home outside of Williamsburg, IA. The Eastern Iowa Paranormal team consisted of James Bramow, Jeff Bramow, Kevin Grendler, and Jessica Bryant. The homeowners were also present during the investigation.

We arrived at the location at approx. 8:00pm. We interviewed the clients and had them give us a tour of their home and share what experiences they had encountered. From there, we set up our IR Stationary Camera’s, our handheld video cameras, and placed our digital audio recorders throughout the entire house. During this time, we also conducted an electromagnetic field sweep (EMF) and got base temperature readings for different locations throughout the residence. We did not record any unusually high EMF and we did not record any significant temperature throughout the night.

Throughout the night, we used a number of other tools and experiments to try and document the activity in the house. We used our KII, Mel-Meters, Ghost Box, Flashlight experiment, Digital Thermometer techniques, and so on. We were unable to document any paranormal activity using these methods. Unfortunately, we also did not capture any video evidence.

We did capture six interesting EVP’s from that night in various locations throughout the residence. Below is a transcript of the EVP’s:

1.      Jeff and Kevin are talking about a chair when we captured a male voice saying “Doesn’t Move”

2.      James and Jessica are asking questions when James hears a woman’s voice. He asks Jess if it was her saying something and it wasn’t. The female voice was captured on our recorders.

3.      Our team members are in each room upstairs conducting an EVP sessions when Jess hears footsteps (which we caught). She asks us if someone is moving and right after her question you hear a female moaning.   

 4.      Kevin and Jeff are conducting an EVP session when Jessica radio’s them from HQ, asking them if they are getting anything. After she says “Roger,” you hear a faint female voice saying “Get Out.”

 5.      Kevin is asking the question ‘Can you do anything, anything at all? Can you make something move?” You then hear something knocking and then a male voice saying “Let Go.”

 6.      Jessica and James are conducting a EVP session when Jessica thought she saw a light from out in the hallway. She ask, “Paul or Elizabeth, if that was you making that light source, can you do it again?” We got a response of “No” from a male voice.

Overall, this case was a very good experience for our team. We captured six Class B EVP’s. Unfortunately, this was the only evidence we captured that night. There seems to be activity in the home but at this time we cannot classify it as “haunted.” More evidence would be needed before we could determine that. What activity is in the home seems to be minimal, and does not seem to be malicious. We would like to thank the clients for having us come out and investigate their home!

Audio from Private Residence in Williamsburg, IA on 04/22/2011. Enjoy!
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Clip 5
Clip 6
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